What is Title I?

•Title I is the largest federal assistance program for our nation’s schools.
•The goal of Title I is a higher quality of education for every child.
•The program serves millions of children in elementary and secondary schools each year.
•There are currently 17 Title I Schools in the Beaufort County School District.

How Title I Works

•The federal government provides funding to states based on census and poverty data each year for Title I.
•The South Carolina Department of Education sends the money to the local school districts.
•The school district identifies eligible schools (based on Free and Reduced Percentages) and provides Title I funds.
•All Title I schools in the BCSD implement a school-wide program.

Determining How Funds Are Used

•Each school has a school advisory committee composed of parents, teachers, other staff that work at the school, community representatives and the principal.

•The School Improvement Council (SIC) serves as the school advisory committee.

•A needs assessment is completed of the school

•Goals are developed for the school year

•The school advisory committee approves the Title I budget for the school.


Contact Information

Principal: Jamie M. Allen •   843-466-3000
Director of Special Revenue: Terry Bennett • 843-322-2332