The Million Mile Race

The Billion Mile Race
Posted on 10/03/2016
The Billion Mile Race

The Billion Mile Race is a Health and Wellness initiative designed to get students up and moving and get schools involved. Basically, the entire program has a goal that all of the schools that register are going to walk/run as many miles as possible during the school year and try to total 1,000,000,000 miles together!!! Cool idea!!!

I am writing a grant to help get us some PE equipment through the program. There are also some incentives and prizes for schools along the way, no matter what size they are. I will be updating our mileage on a weekly basis on either Friday afternoon or Monday mornings. 

Any time you walk/run for a distance of a half mile or more, keep a record of it and please email me with your weekly totals on Friday so I can add it to our school total!!! If you want to add an incentive for your students that are not in PE, give some extra credit for those students that walk 3-5 miles each week. If you are taking your classes outside, remember that 3 laps on the walking trail equals a bit over a mile!!!  

That's all you have to do!!! Get out and walk with your kids.....give extra credit to your kids that are walking with their parents....pass along your Fitbit mileage to me each week and I will include your total as part of our weekly total. I will be putting up mileage charts for my classes and our school total in the gym if you'd like to check our progress. Also, if you want to check us out online so your classes can monitor our progress, you simply go to and look up our school using our zip code and it will take you to our profile page. Right now our goal is 2500 for the semester, but I can change that to reflect a higher total if we see we are going to hit our goal easily.  

Let's get Jammin!!! Put on your headsets, play your favorite music and walk your way to a healthier you and a healthier school!!!! 

 Thanks for your support!! 

Coach Lanham

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We are challenging America’s students to collectively run, walk, and wheel run one billion miles. Why? It’s simple. Active schools do better.