Gentlemen Club

Gentlemen's Culb

Whale Branch Middle School

Advisor Mentors:

Mr. Freddie Lawton


Whale Branch Middle School: Title I

What is the Gentlemen’s Club?


Founded in 1996 by Stephen G. Peters, former middle school principal, the Gentlemen’s Club invested in 30 middle school males as an effective intervention and personal empowerment program for at-risk boys (a sister program “The Ladies Club” is also available for girls).


Listed in the school’s directory as the trouble-makers who made school unbearable for most, these young males made their way out of the principal’s office and onto honor rolls. Of the 30 original boys, 24 completed college and are in the workforce. Today, approximately 1,500 male students call themselves GENTLEMEN and are active members in the Gentlemen’s Club process. From California to Florida, elementary to high school, these young males are changing the way schools and societies perceive them.


Participants are led through the values, beliefs, strategies, and techniques needed to foster a school climate and culture (or a community-based program) that gives children hope, and where all children become engaged in an educational process. Participants analyze the lessons contained in the curriculum and how they are holistically integrated to change students toward learning and the learning process.


Main Focus: Designed to provide opportunities for male students to enhance self-esteem and self-image.


· Teaches leadership skills

· Teaches male students not to view themselves as stereotypes

· Teaches the importance of appropriate outer appearance

· Teaches basic etiquette skills

· Teaches participants to set goals and work towards success

· Encourages participants to stand apart from their peers uninhibited

· Teaches perseverance through obstacles

· Teaches camaraderie, acceptance, and cohesiveness

Gentlemen’s Club Pledge

Today I pledge to be the best me I can be, to demonstrate integrity in all that I do, treat others with respect, remembering always that I must respect myself first.

Today I pledge that I and I alone am responsible for making good choices.

Today I pledge to demonstrate those behaviors that are consistent in following my own dreams and aspirations.

Today I pledge to be grateful for this opportunity to be led by those I admire.