Athletic Director
Mr. Ronald Lanham

Great Coaches


 Welcome back to a new school year!!! Let 2016-2017 begin!!! A hearty welcome to all of our new teachers and staff in the building!! We are so excited to have you on board!! Welcome back to our "old" family as we continue to grow our tradition of academic AND athletic excellence!!!

 With that in mind, I want to get a jump start on the athletic season and send out our fall sports schedules to you. For those of you that might be unaware and those that are new, we play a district schedule for all of our middle school athletics. Most of our games begin at 5:00pm and we welcome our teachers to see a different side of their students after school in a competitive setting!! And trust me when I tell you, they WILL KNOW you are there watching them!! It will add to the relationships you build with your kids as we go through the school year!!! 

 I will do my best to send out our Orcas in Action every Monday morning to keep you up to date and abreast with all the Orca news in the news, including updates on our former Orcas that are at the high school doing well this year. (For instance, did you know that Irvin Mulligan attended the Clemson football camp this summer and, as a sophomore, is beginning to get interest at the "next level"?? He turned a few heads at the Clemson camp, so watch for him in the news in the coming weeks!!!) 

 I will also be sending out rosters in the coming weeks as our squads are forming and coaches finalize their teams so you will know who your athletes are in class...for academic, behavioral, and hopefully, positive praise issues!! Please, as we go through the year, don't hesitate to contact me and/or a students head coach with any issues and we will do all we can to assist you. 

 I hope you have a great year and I'm looking for to seeing the games this fall!!!

 Coach Lanham

Athletic Director