There are so many great websites out there for us, but too many get lost in the mix!

Below is a list of some that I know will reflect each of my key commitments that I wholeheartedly embrace. 


 Think. Explore. Create. Imagine. Share. Learn. Grow. Read. 

1001fonts.com - free downloads to make your projects pop a little more

Adobe Spark - a suite of tools to create presentations, posters,  videos, and websites

Awwapp.com - online interactive whiteboard

Bingobaker.com - create and generate hundreds of random cards in PDF

Blockposters.com- take your personal images and create a huge poster through segmentation 

Cacoo.com - timeline creator

Canva.com - make beautiful posters, social media graphics and presentations

Citationmachine.net - help with citations including APA and MLA 

Classtools.net - free games, quizzes and activities for classrooms K-12

Code.org - create classes and teach students to code the easy way

Commoncurriculum.com- online lesson planning where you can attach files, re-arrange lessons, collaborate with other teachers

Coursera.org - online courses from top universities

Coverr.co- public domain stock videos. Seven new videos a week

Duolingo.com - language learning app

Easel.ly- create infographics from templates or on your own  

Easybib.com -help with citations including APA and MLA

Easypolls.net - create online polls for free.  Save them when you create an account 

Edweb.net - professional online networking via webinars for educators

Edutopia.com - online community dedicated to bringing quality resources to the K12 community of educators

Todoist.com - manage task/projects on and offline. Share tasks in a collaborative environment. Works with many different platforms 

Flippity.net - use Google spreadsheets to create flash cards

Fotor.com - create collages or seamlessly photo stitch images into one picture

Geogebra.org - dynamic math software for geometry, algebra, calculus, and statistics Getkahoot.com - create interactive games, polls, surveys 

Giphy.com - drag and drop GIFs into Google slides, etc.

Gosoapbox.com - student response system with integrated tools to check for understanding, play quizzes, and generate reports

Gutenberg.org - Project Gutenberg offers free e-books and audiobooks on works that are copyright free, most of which are classics

Imagechef.com - use photos and texts to create a myriad of different products 

Instapaper.com - save websites for future browsing. Perfect for research 

Kami - transform your documents into an interactive experience

Khanacademy.org -academic videos to learn almost anything

Libib.com -cloud based cataloging for beyond the library (think classroom libraries)

Marinaratimer.com - three different types of timers to help with classrooms, presentations et al.  Features pomodoro, custom and kitchen timers 

Mindmeister.com - online software with great visualization

Moovly.com - interesting and different approach to presentations based on cartoon images and hand actions 

Morguefile.com- free digital photos for projects that doesn't require citations

Online-convert.com - convert most any type of file, videos, documents etc into different formats

Padlet.com - create a board to help you organize by posting notes for you and your students

Photosforclass.com- Creative Commons images with attribution  Pixlr.com - free online photo editor

Pixteller.com - create online posters

Popplet.com-  create a board to collaborate with others anywhere anytime PosterMyWall.com - create amazing online posters and flyers

Purple-planet.com - Creative Commons music for digital projects

Quizzizz.com - create and play multiplayer games

Quozio.com - create beautiful quotes 

Readwritethink.org - classroom resources for K12 classrooms created by NCTE

Remind.com - send text reminders of class work to students and parents without sending your cell phone number.  Create chats or send to individuals as well

Ribbet.com - online image editor

Screencastomatic.com- captures your screen to create and share videos/tutorials

Screencastify.com - record and share videos

Slides carnival.com - free templates for Google Slides

SmallPDF - convert PDF files into other formats

Smore.com - create informational posters for organizations, schools, newsletters and more

Snapguide.com - discover and create how-to guides

Sway.com- create and share interactive presentations, personal stories, reports and more 

Teachwithmovies.org movie clips with lesson plans

Thenounproject.com - downloadable icons of all types

Timetoast.com- interactive timelines to create and share 

Tynker.com- programs games, Mindcraft Mods and more

VideoLink - removes comments and distractions from YouTube videos

Visme.co - only site that create infographics, presentations, reports, and web content

Voxer.com- text messages with voice, photos and videos to share with groups

Wevideo.com - create quick videos with the free version

Whatshouldireadnext.com - type in a title and it will generate a list of similar titles and subjects Wordpress.com - create a blog with a website look Wordwall.net - create interactive and printable student activities

Ziteboard.com - collaborate, brainstorm, create and plan with a whiteboard